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Primer Stop Switch for Dillon XL650

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    Primer cam Index Stop Switch for Dillon Precision XL650 and SL-900 Progressive Reloading Press. The switch moves to turn ON and OFF the index by temporarily removing the magnet-attached ramp thus allowing passing the indexing lever on the primer feed assembly.

    Use the factory screw to install. Material for the base is 6082 aluminium and material for the ramp is Nylon. Spare ramps can be ordered separately. Super simple install. Just unscrew original primer cam and use same bolt to attach this stop switch.


    The primer stop switch may not fit on some older XL650 models due to changes in the press frame dimensions. Please verify the length of the frame slot before purchase. The Armanov primer stop switch has a length of 66 mm or 2,6 inches. 

    What comes in the Box?

    1 x Primer Stop Switch 
    Anodized Aluminium Base

    with threaded spring plunger

    1 x Primer Stop Switch 
    Plastic Ramp

    1 x Instructions Manual

    ​Instruction Manual in PDF Format         Download

    ​Due to use of high tensile strength aluminum which is harder to anodize,  
    slight color inconsistencies may occur.

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