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These are just the brands we have been able to test our products on.
If the product fits your weapon and is not one of the brands/types above, please let us know.

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Magwell for Schmeisser AR15-9 series
46.99 46.99 46.99 USD
Compensator Equalizer for PCC 9 mm
78.28 78.28 78.28 USD
Magwell for Sig Sauer MPX
45.09 45.09 45.09 USD
Magazine Base Pad for SIG Sauer MPX +5-rnd
24.51 24.51 24.51 USD
Magwell for DiamondBack DB9 9 mm rifle
33.49 33.49 33.49 USD
Magwell for Kalashnikov SR1 223 rifle
46.99 46.99 46.99 USD
Magwell for Rainier Arms Rasub 9 mm rifle
32.36 32.36 32.36 USD
Magwell for Rainier Arms RM15 223 rifle
32.84 32.84 32.84 USD
Magazine Base Pad for Glock 17/ 19/ 34|Elegance Line
14.62 14.62 14.620000000000001 USD

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